Our IRC is mostly similar to any other network. As such, if you already know how to use their services you can do the same thing here. This help document is a work in progress. If we haven’t covered what you need, feel free to stop by and ask or email support [AT] darkdna [DOT] net.

You can always use ‘/msg ____Serv help’ to get more info if it is not listed here.


Most likely, you’ll want to register your nickname with the NickServ. As of now, nicknames do not expire and are available on a first come, first serve basis. However, some names are restricted and we reserve the right to cancel your nickname and reserve it at any time.


ChanServ services are similar to any other network as well. As with NickServ, channels are available on a first come, first serve basis and we reserve the right to ban your channel from the network at any time.


This lets you send memos between registered users, even if they are offline. They will be notified about the new message when they next authenticate to services or immediately if they are already online.


HostServ is a method to request hostmask cloaks. Feel free to request one as you see fit. Remember, IRC operators will still be able to see your real IP and it won’t stop you from getting banned.


Simple service that has silly features. As of now, it only support ROLL (roll a dice), NAMEGEN (generate a name), and CALC (a basic calculator).


As the name implies, BotServ is a method to get a preconfigured, services based bot into your channel.